Note: You have to exclude fees, rewards, max tx for your wallet address before create the staking pool. Read more:

This staking function helps project owners create their own stake to allow their community to participate in the ecosystem and earn rewards. Stakers will get rewarded from the reward pools created by the owner with any chosen token. It can be the same token as the staked one or another token.

Create Staking Pool

1. Go to 2. Paste your token address into the “Token address” section. After that, your token name, symbol and decimals will be shown.

3. Min Staking Period: the minimum staking period users need staking at least, you can set it in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or even years.

  • Min Staking Amount: the minimum staking token amount users need to put in

  • Max Staking Amount: the maximum staking token amount users can put in

  • Boost Settings: users can lock their tokens for longer to get more rewards

Example: min staking period 1 minute, boost setting duration 3 minutes + 30%, users who choose this need to lock their token longer to get more rewards. Ensure everything is correct and then click on “Create”.

Create Reward Pool:

Selecting a token you want to reward your stakers, the amount of reward token and start/end time of staking pool and click “Create”. You can set an optional bonus period. It will encourage your stakers to stake early. Bonus periods start at the start time and end at the bonus end time (which must be less than or equal to end time).

Exclude Reward Pool from Taxes

To ensure stakers are not taxed upon staking their tokens as well as when harvesting their rewards, please consider whitelisting the staking and rewards pools from your contract after creation.

User Staking Section:

Depending on the time boost option users choose, they will get more bonuses. Example: User A stake 100 token TEST and choose +20%/2 minutes. He will get more reward when he stakes and his token will be locked longer. He can withdraw their staking amount after the time ends. And choose Reward Pool you want to subscribe, and click “Subscribe”.

Click in “Harvest” if you want to collect rewards and “Unsubscribe” if you want to stake in another reward pool.

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