Presale Vesting Guide

Vesting For Contributors is a feature on PinkSale that helps projects to ensure long term price stability by locking away the tokens of presale investors for a period of time. It prevents presale investors from selling all their tokens at once at listing time, which causes too much sell pressure and crashes the price.

Follow the steps below to use the Vesting for Contributors feature.

1. Connect your wallet.

2. Select your token if you already have one or create a new token for the Launchpad by following this guide:

3. At “step 2: DeFi Launchpad Info”, please check the box “Using Vesting Contributor?”. Here below are some important parameters:

  • First release for presale (percent): The first batch of the total presale tokens that will be released at TGE. Please note that this is expressed in percentage, not in number of tokens.

  • Vesting period for each cycle (days): Presale contributors will need to wait for this amount of time to receive their tokens.

  • Presale token release each cycle (percent): How many tokens will be released each cycle following the first release batch. Please note that this is expressed in percentage, not in number of tokens.

NOTE: Presale contributors must claim their tokens manually from the Launchpad page on PinkSale.

For example, your project has a Vesting For Contributors schedule as follows:

100 tokens sold at presale, 20% presale tokens to be released at TGE, 10% to be released each subsequent month.

Your presale opens on the 5th January. Presale contributors bought all 100 tokens at TGE, you then finalize your Launchpad and contributors can claim their presale tokens, which are 100 x 20% = 20 tokens in total. Then after that, on the 5th day of every month, they can claim 10 tokens each time by visiting the Pinksale dashboard. On the 5th September (8 months after the end of your presale), they will receive the final batch of tokens.

In the above mentioned example, you would enter the following information:

  • First release for presale (percent): 20

  • Vesting period each cycle (days): 30

  • Presale token release each cycle (percent): 10.

See below:

Note: Vesting Contributor doesn't support rebase tokens.

How to claim

1. After a project owner finalizes a Launchpad (, the presale will end.

2. Presale contributors can now go to the presale Launchpad page and claim the first batch of presale tokens by clicking on the “Claim” button. They also can check the Current Vesting Cycle and Remaining Vesting Cycle.

As per example above, Current Vesting Cycle is 0/8 and Remaining Vesting Cycle is 30 days. After 8 months (240 days) it will become 8/8. If, for some reasons, presale contributors don’t claim their tokens when the cycle ends, the claimable tokens will be accumulated. For example, if they only claim once after 8 months from TGE, they will be able to claim all vested tokens at that time.

3. MetaMask will now ask you to confirm the transaction. It will also show you the fee that you are required to pay for that transaction. If you agree, then click on the “Confirm” button to finish the process, and then the presale tokens will be sent to your wallet.

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