PinkSale Trending

PinkSale gives every project the ability to trend on our website. The launchpad highlights the top 12 trending projects at the time and dynamically adjusts their position based on the performance of the token and its fundraising success.

The trending bar is controlled via a smart algorithm that has been designed to keep trending fair, whilst also having the ability to remove projects who try to trick the algorithm.

  • Buy volume —> the more buy volume on your presale pool, the higher you will trend.

  • KYC + Audit —> projects with KYC and Audit badges will get higher priority over projects without these badges.

  • SAFU —> projects with SAFU badges will get the highest priority with regards to trending.

  • DOXX -> projects will get more scores to trending

Tip: If you want to better your chances at trending, combine the above metrics but please note, the above will not guarantee you a trending position, the algorithm will assess project popularity and adjust accordingly.

Lastly, we advise project owners NOT to pay external parties for "PinkSale Trending" services as they are likely a scam - Our smart algorithm will detect fraudulent trending behaviours and blacklist the project, so it is best to follow our tips above.

Note: Again, PinkSale Trending is free. If there are people approach for PinkSale Trending, they are definitely scammer. Please report and block them.

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