Create a Social Sale

*Reminder: if you want to recreate a new sale, after you cancel the old one, you have to transfer your tokens to a new wallet. You can't use the old wallet to recreate the launchpad.

Step 1: Verify Token

1. Connect your Phantom wallet. 2. From the homepage, click on "Launchpads" => "Create Social Sale" and choose "Solana" in Chain . Or you can access to this link 3. Input your token address 4. Currency is SOL. Fee is SOL. Listing option is Auto Listing.

  • For auto listing, after you finalize the pool your token will be auto listed on DEX.

5. After that, you can review again and click on “Next”.

Step 2: DeFi Launchpad Info

After verifying your token, you need to input the Launchpad information that you want to raise. Here are some following important parameters:

1. You must use positive numbers.

2. Presale rate means shows how many tokens they will receive during the presale stage.

3. Listing rate is the initial rate of the liquidity pool (1 SOL = x tokens). This rate is usually lower than the presale rate to allow a higher listing price on router.

4. Whitelist: Choose "Enable" if you have a whitelist of presale contributors. You can enable/disable the whitelist anytime.

5. Soft cap must be greater than or equal to 25% of the hard cap.

6. For refund types you can choose refund or burn from the dropdown list.

7. Liquidity (%): Enter the percentage of raised funds that should be allocated to liquidity on router. Minimum value is 25%, maximum value is 100%.

8. Commitment amount: Amount of SOL that the user needs to commit into your pool.

9. Start time must be before the end time.

10. Liquidity lockup (days): Lock-up time for liquidity pool, for example 30 days.

You can check the total tokens needed to create the presale pool (shown above the Back/Next buttons).

And you can use Pinksale Calculator to make a good tokenomic for your project.

Step 3: Finish

This is the final step. You can review all the information one last time before submitting, after you have made sure that everything is perfect, or you can go back to previous step to make any changes. Click “Confirm & Create Launchpad ".

Click "Confirm" on Phantom Wallet. And this is result:

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