Create a Fair Launch

Note: At fair launch, everyone will have the same token price after the fair launch ends. It doesn't matter if you buy first or late. Token price = total raised bnb / total tokens for fair launch.

Step 1: Verify Token

1. Connect your wallet. 2. From the homepage, click on "Launchpads" => "Create fair launch" . You will be redirected to this link 3. Input your token address if you already have one, or create a new token for the Fair Launch. 4. Select BNB (if you want to raise funds using stable coin for your presale, refer to this post). 5. Select a fee option. 6. Select listing option (auto listing: liquidity will be added automatically after Finalize, manual listing: you have to add liquidity manually). 7. Select Affiliate program option. 8. After selecting, you can review again and click on “Next”.

9. MetaMask will now ask you to confirm the transaction and show you the fee that you are required to pay. If you agree, then click on the “Confirm” button to finish the process.


  • Make sure the token has 'Exclude transfer fee' function if it has transfer fees.

  • Stablecoin pair can work with standard tokens only. It doesn't support taxed tokens.

Step 2: Put Fair Launch Info

After verifying your token, you need to input the Fair Launch information that you want to raise. Here are some following important parameters:

1. You must use positive numbers.

2. Total selling amount represents the number of tokens that will be sold during the presale stage.

3. Softcap must be a reasonable number, not too great.

4. Max contribution per user in the fair launch (Max buy per user).

5. Select a router.

6. Liquidity (%): Enter the percentage of raised funds that should be allocated to liquidity on the router that you selected. Minimum value is 51%, maximum value is 100%. If you choose Buyback option, buyback + liquidity percent have to greater or equal 51% (refer to this post).

7. Start time must be before the end time.

8. Lock-up time for liquidity pool, for example 365 days.

After putting all the needed info, it will show the number of tokens you need to have to create fairlaunch. And you can use Pinksale Calculator to make a good tokenomic for your project.

Step 3: Add Additional Info

There are some notes for this step:

1. Logo URL and website are required fields, cannot be blank. You can’t complete this step without those.

2. Logo URL must end with a supported image extension: png, jpg, jpeg or gif.

For example:

3. Click "Next" after done inputting.

Step 4: Finish

This is the final step. You can review all the information one last time before submitting, after you have made sure that everything is perfect, or you can go back to previous step to make any changes. Click “Approve Spending Token” and "Confirm" on Metamask. After that, click "Submit".

After clicking on “Submit”, MetaMask will now ask you to confirm the transaction. It will also show you the fee that you are required to pay for that transaction. If you agree, then click on the “Confirm” button to finish the process, and this is the result:

Note: You can use Pink Lock to edit tokenomic chart on your presale.

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