Finalize a Social Sale

Before start a Social Sale, you MUST update the pool information before taking any action.

Please click "Update" after submit informations needed.

Update Quest:

Guide users to marketing your project. You can ask them to share on social media platforms, make videos, post or do more actions. Users will submit proof that they have done so. Then you need to watch and score. Those with the highest scores and who submit proof as soon as possible will be allowed to purchase this pool.

Admin Manager:

Input your address you want to add an admin to manage the user's quest (you can add many admins).

Commitment History:

Owner and admins can approve if user completed follow project's quest requirement (you can rate from 1 to 5 point). After user commit and is approved, they can claim token after project finalized.

You can finalize Social Sale if Approved Allocation reached at least softcap.

Please contact @babypinkpink or @r2d2pink on Telegram if your project reached softcap, our staff will calculate and you can Finalize after that.

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