How to Use Multi-Sender

Step 1: Add Your Allocation

1) Input your token address
2) Input allocations(you must use positive numbers). For multi-sender follow this structure. Example:
0xB08b73aa35c29F10Ec0Bc4885C5e584a6f71cC22 1 0xB4FE9F393512357584947fbb5d5Cd8E1bA991560 0.1558 0x6Aaa1f77147eDF28d2049F224462c22df6088C6b 0.27 0x7FFad6702bC2f8acF0d895CB5dD7b850ab47F440 0.5
Or you can use CSV file if you have many addresses you need to send.
3) Unlimited Amount means you will transfer tokens many times (you don’t need to approve token again) Exact Amount means you just need to transfer tokens once. 4. Click Approve
Remember to exclude fees, rewards, max tx amount for your wallet address to start sending tokens.

Step 2: Confirmation

1) Review addresses and amount to be sent
2) Send modes:
  • Safe mode: this option is used for standard tokens
  • Unsafe mode: this option is used for taxed tokens
3) Click Process and you can check txid of transaction after sending successfully.