How to Use Multi-Sender

Step 1: Add Your Allocation

1. Input your token address.
2. Input allocations (you must use positive numbers) for multi-sender follow this structure. Example:
0xB08b73aa35c29F10Ec0Bc4885C5e584a6f71cC22 1 0xB4FE9F393512357584947fbb5d5Cd8E1bA991560 0.1558 0xAaa1f77147eDF28d2049F224462c22df6088C6b 0.27 0xFFad6702bC2f8acF0d895CB5dD7b850ab47F440 0.5
Or you can use CSV file if you have many addresses you need to send.
3. Unlimited Amount: you will transfer tokens many times (you don’t need to approve token again) Exact Amount: you just need to transfer tokens once. 4. Click "Approve".
Remember to exclude fees, rewards, max tx amount for your wallet address to start sending tokens.

Step 2: Confirmation

1. Review addresses and amount to be sent.
2. Send options:
  • Safe mode: this option is used for standard tokens
  • Unsafe mode: this option is used for taxed tokens
3. Click "Process" and you can check txid of transaction after sending successfully.