SAFU Contract

What is SAFU Badge ?

SAFU Badge means that the project cannot be manipulated by the developer to hurt investors and gain an unfair advantage over them. SAFU badge will be given to KYCed projects that meet below specifications and ownership held by SAFU Developer.

Criteria of SAFU Project

  • Owner Privileges
    • SAFU developer must hold the ownership in 14 days at least (no need to hold the ownership if the contract worked well in projects before)
    • Owner can not be able to mint new tokens
    • Owner can not be able to pause trading.
    • Owner can not be able to set max transaction limit lower than 0.1% of circulating supply.
    • Owner can not be able to block accounts from trading. (Blacklist etc.)
    • Owner can not be able to claim the contract’s balance of its own token.
    • Owner can not be able to set max wallet limit lower than 1% of circulating supply.
    • Anything that can be changed by the owner can not limit or stop trading for the investors. (Anti-bot without time limit, Transaction time lock without limit, sell limit based on holder balance, etc.)
  • Tokenomics
    • Owner can not be able to set fees higher than 25%
    • No unlock tokens in first 30 days from listing
    • Liquidity lockup time shouldn’t be less than 365 days
    • Liquidity percent 60% at least
    • Private sale bonus shouldn't be greater than 10% from presale rate
    • Listing rate should be equal to presale rate
    • SAFU developer must control unlock tokens (SAFU developer will help projects to distribute seed, private sale tokens)
    • SAFU developer needs to confirm if the project had a private sale. If there was a real private sale, SAFU developer can distribute tokens for private sale investors.
    • No airdrop tokens in first 30 days from listing (No giveaways, contest tokens)
  • Contract
    • Contract must be audited by a trusted partner
    • Buybacks should be automated
    • Burns should be automated
    • Auto liquidity should go to an unreachable address. (Dead address etc.)
    • Contract should not malfunction in any circumstances
    • No proxy contracts
  • Common Problems That Cause Contracts to Crash
    • Failed transactions that are caused by mathematical errors
    • Swap settings and parameters should always be in a safe range
    • BNB transfers from the contract should not revert in any circumstances

SAFU Developers

You will receive our SAFU badge if you work with one of developers below:
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