Create Degen

Degen is marketplace that allows users to easily create and distribute their own tokens, most commonly "memecoins," or tokens without an intrinsic value proposition beyond their novelty and community value. Degen prevents rugs by making sure that all created tokens are safe. Each coin on degen is a fair-launch with no presale and no team allocation.

1. From the homepage: click on “Degen" => "Create Degen". You will be redirected to this link

  • Setting initial buy amount: the first amount you will buy when degen starts

  • Setting start time: you can set the time to start trading later

  • Additional info: update your social info

2. After that, click "Create Degen" and "Confirm" on Metamask wallet.

  • Trading (buy/sell) platform fee is 1%. You can earn 50% trading fee by sharing your degen link.

  • When the market cap hits $68.9K, all liquidity from the bonding curve will be deposited into DEX and burned. The progression accelerates as the price rises. And you can trade on DEX after that.

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